Coop. Agrícola Ntra. Sra. de La Salud S.C.A.

"Within the oil clarity and its aromas,
indicates your freedom your hills freedom"
Miguel Hernández."

Welcome to health, La Salud

We are glad that you visit our Cooperative site. In it we will show the reason why we work. This reason is no other than the production of high quality and unique olive oil, the juice itself from the olive which is grown by our partners and which is a source of life at our tables. We hope this short walk across the paths from Virgen de la Salud Olive Cooperative will be of help. Thank you very much.

We Grow Health

Sustainable Farming

We are olive-producers and we fight to keep alive our traditions. Olive trees traditional way of growing passes from generation to generation respecting the environment where they take roots. We defend this kind of framing as a source of work which makes us proud of this type of production, the most valuable that we have now.

We Produce Health

Our Sign

The singularity of our oils comes from the different types of olive trees which are grown in our fields and within Baena origin certificate frame where we belong to. In the area where we live the “picudo “ olive tree is spread all over the mounds running to the South and by Guadajoz river. Our farmers call “la Mata” to this large centenary wood which produces health in the way of aromatic oil which has a great personality.